We Have Full Life Cycle Offshore Renewable Energy Project Experience.

We managed first-hand ocean energy technologies development, installation, O&M and decommissioning. With our know-how, we provide support to our clients during all the phases of their projects.

We work for a more sustainable future from renewable ocean energy sources since 2005. Our team of expert engineers has proven track record of new technology developments and specialized services supply to major energy corporations and offshore contractors.

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Energize Society With Ocean Energy

A Leading Supplier of Turn-Key Offshore Renewable Energy Projects & Integrations.

Ocean energy services

Ocean energies are the new frontier for renewable energy supply to stand-alone applications or remote and coastal users.

Integration of renewables

Integrating renewable energy sources provides a higher reliability and energy security in the applications of our clients.

Innovation, Quality and Continuous Improvement

Providing Energy to Our Clients from Waves, Winds, Sun, Tides and More!

Our clients demand solutions for complex energy supply problems. While improving the performance of their projects with services during the full life-cycle, we develop innovative technologies to respond to their demands.

Proprietary technologies for generating energy offshore. Or ad-hoc integrated solutions for specific use needs.


A completely sealed wave energy converter for powering and decarbonizing offshore plants and coastal communities.


An hybrid wind & wave & solar energy generator for water desalination and stand-alone deep water applications.

Pioneers Of Offshore Renewable Energy

Latest Projects, Solutions and Energy Supplies.

ISWEC, Wave Energy

Improving the Energy Mix of a Remote Island​

Developing a sustainable energy mix for the remote Pantelleria island is a goal to achieve integrating the most innovative available technologies. The first ISWEC installed in 2015 started this process.

ISWEC, Wave Energy

Decarbonizing Oil & Gas Operations

Ocean energy technologies can represent a solution for decarbonizing offshore operations across industries. A scaled ISWEC prototype installed in 2018 in front of Ravenna aims to do this for Oil & Gas Operations.

Floating Wind

Developing a Floating Wind Spar Concept

Floating wind is the new frontier for offshore wind development for deeper water application. Starting 2015 a novel concept was co-developed with Politecnico di Torino and a scaled prototype was deployed in Lake Maggiore.

Unlocking Ocean Energy Opportunities.

Discover The Potential Offered By Offshore Renewable Energy For Your Project!

We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire ocean energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future – no matter how far along the journey to energize their applications with ocean energy systems.

  • Feed engineering & design

  • Project management

  • Procurement & construction

  • Metocean analysis

  • Technology integration

  • Performance analysis

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We are proud to serve and collaborate with a variegated array of clients. From private multinational companies, to public administration. From recognized R&D institutions, to small private businesses.

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