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We Are Pioneers In The World Of Marine Offshore Renewable Energy.

We develop technologies, solutions and services across the entire ocean energy value chain. We support our clients on their way to a more sustainable future.

Our Story.

We started our research on wave energy back in 2005 in the laboratories of the mechanical department of Politecnico di Torino. From then on, continuous studies, attendance at international workshops, collaborations with international research centers and industrial partners, have contributed to develop our expertise in the ocean energy field.

Our DNA.

Our passion for technology, research and innovation is pushing us to address one of the most important problems for the future of our world. Sustainable energy supply is at the centre of the world strategy agenda for the next decades and our ability to answer this challenge will be crucial for the future generations.

We, in Wave for Energy, want to contribute to develop the “blue way” of the renewable energy frontier. Since our inception, we have put great efforts in studying and testing our solutions, in making them reliable and sustainable and in preserving the surrounding marine environment intact as we find it.

which areas of an offshore lifecycle can we support our clients?

Resource Assessment
Engineering & Design
Technology Integration
Project Development
Procurement, Construction & Installation
Operation and Control

Our Future.

Our future is to improve the present. With this in mind, our team will unceasingly seek for new and more efficient solutions for novel marine energy technologies, expanding its network, expertise and world presence.

In our future we see the world more blue.

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Energize Society With Ocean Energy

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