Project Description

The Overview

Installing the a 1:2 Scaled Prototype of the ISWEC for Decarbonizing Offshore Operations

Wave energy is one of the largest untapped renewable energy resources on the planet.
The ISWEC converts the energy of ocean waves into electrical energy for off-shore plants or coastal communities. In 2018, in collaboration with ENI (link) we deployed the first pilot plant to supply electricity to the PC80 platform offshore plant in Ravenna.

This pilot demonstrated the possibility to increase the energy self-sufficiency of offshore structures, even in geographical contexts where an electricity supply cannot be taken for granted.

The Challenge

Working in an Integrated Team with a Large Corporation and in Extractions Areas

The ISWEC Adriatico was the first project developed collaborating in an integrated team with Eni, EniProgetti and the MOREnergy Lab at Politecnico di Torino.

The collaboration with Eni and EniProgetti was fundamental to understand the best design practices of the offshore energy sector.
The MORE Lab
supported the development of the project with advanced models that were run on Eni’s supercomputers HPC4 and HPC5 to perfect the control techniques of the prototype.

The Results

ISWEC Adriatico

Remote coastal areas and offshore infrastructures share common energy supply and security needs. The ISWEC Adriatico contributed to validate this solution and to start the identification of various possible applications of ISWEC for the supply of electricity to communities on small islands and additional offshore platforms.

The ISWEC Adriatico deployment sets the start of the collaboration between Wave for Energy and ENI for the further engineering and development of the ISWEC technology, towards future industrial applications.