Whether you have the need to integrate renewable energy technologies in an offshore infrastructure, or you need to supply power to deepsea applications, or you just want to integrate innovative renewable energy systems for a remote coastal resort, our Company can cover all your sustainability needs.

Our team designs and develops the most adequate solutions for our clients need, by adopting technologies to generate energy from the ocean or more traditional sources to power critical offshore applications.

We Design & Ship.

We collaborate with our clients to design and deliver that meets your project usage and needs.

We work with qulified manufacturers and suppliers to guarantee the highest quality standards, while meeting the budget requirements from our clients.

Why Us?

We provide a spectrum of services to support our clients in all the phases of their ocean energy project to guarantee the project targets and maximize the results.

Resource Assessment

We provide desk studies of available offshore resource (wave, wind, sun, etc.) and can run metocean survey campaigns in the selected sites.

Project Development

From basic design up to construction supervision and to commissionin, operation and decommissioning phases, we are there for our clients.

Technology Integration

Our team will perform the optimum integration of renewable energy supply based on available sources, usage conditions, maritime and installation requirements​.

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