Iswec is a floating gyroscopic energy conversion device with a hull designed ad-hoc for optimum synchronization to the wave length of the installation site. Iswec has loose moorings and is able to exploit the slope of incoming waves.
This technology is modular and highly scalable, being able to work efficiently both in Oceans and in closed seas like the Mediterranean.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the ISWEC device is the complete absence of movable power generating components exposed to the marine environment.

Technology Development.

A supporting hull designed ad-hoc to enhance the pitch motion of the device allows to extract the highest level of available wave power.
The concept behind
the ISWEC hull is opposite to classical vessels, since in this technology we try to maximize the dynamic effects of the incoming waves.

Two driving factors for the development of the ISWEC were the ease of maintenance and installation.
technology is directly accessible for O&M, without the need of submarine operations. The type of mooring also guarantees smooth installation procedures.

Key Benefits.

As an ideal choice for powering remote applications and coastal communities, the ISWEC leverages the following characteristics

No Environmental Impact

No land is consumed for the installation of an ISWEC. An no harmful interaction with the flora and fauna occur where it is installed.

Sealed Power Take Off

The gyroscopic units and all auxiliary equipment are installed in a sealed compartment, to be preserved for long usable life.

Modular Design

The ISWEC can be installed in arrays to reach the energy requirements of the client, with dedicated configuration design and optimization.

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