The Water Energy Point Absorber (WEPA) was conceived to respond to the request of innovation from Parco Speciale di Porto Conte.
The public
administration contracted Wave for Energy to develop a technology to generate electricity and desalinated water for remote economic activities immersed in the environmental protected area of the Parco.

In order to provide continuity of the supply, a hybrid system, powered by 100% renewable energy and with batteries back-up has been developed.

Technology Development.

The archetype ot the WEPA technology is a point absorber wave energy converter (see link to EMEC).
The relative motion between the wave-activated float on the sea surface and the seabed structure activates a power takeoff system internal to the float. And to maximize the power generation potential of the device, also photovoltaic panels and a micro wind turbine were integrated in the structure of the system.

This solution has a high scalability and can be adapated for low power requirements as well as high energy yields.

Key Benefits.

The hybrid WEPA systems represent a valid alternative for multiple applications as they carry several differentiating design characteristics:

Limited Footprint

The WEPA technology can provide a large amount of power in a relatively small device, compared to other wave energy technologies.

Water Desalination

The wave energy converter can directly power a desalination system able to produce desalinated water.

Stand-Alone Applications

WEPA devices can be easily integrated to serve offshore stand-alone applications for signaling, surveillance, communications and more.

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