We support our clients in the integration of renewable energy supplies in a multitude of applications.
Thanks to
our experience, we serve clients for harbour infrastructures, off-grid areas, remote applications with back-up solutions needs, mooring buoys and floating structures, offshore plants and nautical applications.

We tackle renewable energy integration works from multiple perspectives, to optimize the balance between more traditional sources and the renewable technologies best suited for each case.

We Support Our Clients Most Challenging Decisions.

We support our clients to select the most adequate solutions to solve their technology and innovation needs in renewable energy integrations.

Whether they regard an offshore asset or a ground infrastructure, we deeply analyse all possible trade-offs to provide the most relevant information to guide our clients decisions.

Why Us?

We provide support throughout all the phases of a renewable energy integration project. From design and development, up to installation, commissioning, operation and maintainance.

Productivity Analysis

After an initial desk study for a preliminary productivity estimation, an in-situ survey is ideal to correctly size the possibile solutions.

Integration Design

To correctly integrate the proposed renewable energy solution, every detail of the interfaces with the structure and design requirements must be well verified.

Procurement & Construction

After the design phase, we support our clients to provide either turn-key solutions or support during the construction phase up to the commissioning of the project.

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