Project Description

The Overview

Installing the First Grid Connected Wave Energy Converter in a Remote Island

Thanks to the financial support received by Regione Siciliana (PO FESR …) and Regione Piemonte (POR FESR …), the first full scale ISWEC installation took place in August 2015 in Pantelleria.
iteratively modelling and designing the system and several small scale prototypes for wave tank testing, the company’s first sea prototype was characterized by 270ton overall dislocation, 15m length, m width and 5m height.

It was constructed between Piemonte and Sicily and lastly assembled in Mazara del Vallo.

The Challenge

Operating with Limited Equipment and with Local Partners

Pantelleria is a remote island south of Italy not connected to the conteninental electric grid. A series of diesel generators represent the main electricity supply for the island.
Developing a more sustainable energy mix is the impelling obligation for all territories similar to Pantelleria. With limited infrastructure on the island, the first ISWEC was assembled in Mazara del Vallo (60nm north) and transported to the site of installation.

During the installation of the ISWEC, Wave for Energy has collaborated with several local companies and suppliers, developing a small supply chain.

The Results

Withstanding the Most Demanding Sea Conditions Superbly

During the first testing phase, the ISWEC encountered several storms at sea. Among the thoughest conditions, we registered waves as high as a 5-storey building.
The device
behaved perfectly and no damages or loss of production were registered following thos conditions.