Project Description

The Overview

Developing a Novel Ocean Energy Technology from Concept to TRL 7 in Less Than 18 Months

In 2021 Wave for Energy was awarded the research and development contract put out by Parco Speciale di Porto Conte for the development, installation and testing of a novel wave energy converter.
The system
had to supply desalinated water as well as an amount of electricity to be potentially used by the main economic activities in the restricted environmental area governed by the Parco Speciale di Porto Conte.

The inventive work brought to the creation of the WEPA technology (acronym for Water Electricity Point Absorber).

The Challenge

Integrating a Hybrid Wave-Wind-Solar Solution in a Marine Protected Area

The main challenge the company had to face was the integration of an innovative energy generation technology into a marine protected area and the specific ecosystem of the community of Parco di Porto Conte.

The team and the partners from Parco Speciale di Porto Conte have completed several analysis (i.e. bathimetric, archologic, biologic) to understand the best design requirements to minimize the environmental impact in the selected installation area.

The Results


Starting in 2021 Wave for Energy has developed a novel designed that has been rapidly modelled and tested to start the construction of the WEPA system in 2022. Although the criticality regarding the procurement of electrical and control components, the system will be deployed starting 2023.

This technology is being industrialized for replication in the most challenging contexts, such as remote coastal areas water supply, deepsea stand alone applications, offshore telecommunications and signaling.